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  • Are you a retired athlete…or considering retiring?
  • Do you want to get the same rewards you got from sport and more?

Learn how to apply your Champion Mind to succeed beyond sport

It’s not easy for professional athletes that are retiring from their sport to leave a successful sporting career behind and move on to a new life. It can create confusion, a lack of direction, and a lack of purpose.

If you are going through this, you are not alone.

Statistics show that the majority of athletes (up to 80%) suffer some form of post-sporting blues and even depression. And the problem is, most athletes suffer in silence, thinking they should be able to cope, they are better than this. This approach tends to prolong and intensify the inner pain and conflict.

Even highly successful athletes can struggle in the transition. No matter whether you achieved all your sporting goals or not, you may struggle.

Common Questions that arise are:

……..”Who am I now?” .

…….”What do I do now?”

After having a career that brought so much reward the retired athlete can feel a loss of identity and may now feel unfulfilled—emotionally, and often financially.

What now?

As athletes, you do know how to set and achieve goals, you do know how to focus and you do know how to perform. What if you could apply these same resources to a new career? What if you lived your life with the same drive and passion you did as an athlete?

Success beyond Sport offers a solution for effective athlete transition.

In Success beyond Sport, 2000 Olympian, Annette Lynch (formerly Huygens-Tholen) shares how she overcame the struggles of transition and how 8 Winning Steps can help you succeed in a new role.

Successful transition is more than choosing a new career and Success beyond Sport will help you transition successfully. Whether you chose to retire or the decision was forced upon you due to age, injury, or performance, the lessons in this book will teach and inspire you to new successes.


If you want to make changes because you are not happy with your current results, if “fine” is not good enough, or you want to continue to grow, then “Success beyond Sport” can help you with that. Why settle for less?

The 8 Winning Points and Success Training exercises described in the book and the audio program can be done by anybody.  They will help you to:

  • Overcome the loss and confusion of life after sport
  • Motivate you to strive for and achieve new successes
  • Expand your identity – you are so much more than just a sportsperson
  • Build a supportive network and team
  • Regain the feeling of significance
  • Get direction and purpose
  • Overcome low self-esteem……..and more.

PLUS the book includes a Gift download recording – helps you to create and access an empowering emotional state (Value = $19)

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